Goan gets ‘medal of merit’ for service at Brazil embassy

Roque Orlando Costa of Margao was on Sunday conferred the prestigious Medal of Merit “Order of Rio Branco” and a Diploma of Recognition from the Brazilian government.

The honour was bestowed on Costa by Brazil’s Ambassador to India Andre Aranha Correa do Lago at an event at the Christian Art Museum housed in the Convent of Santa Monica at Old Goa where an exhibition by Brazillian Modernist “Roberto Burle Marx” was also opened.

Costa was a trade officer at the Brazilian Embassy in New Delhi and served for over 30 years. The insignia is in recognition of his dedicated and sincere work in the years he served the embassy in Delhi.

This honorific Order of Brazil is named in honour of the Brazilian Diplomat Jose Paranhos, Baron of Rio Branco. The award ceremony on Saturday was also attended by the Ambassador of Portugal in India, Brazilian diplomats and local dignitaries.


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