‘Kalaga Thalaivan’ movie review: A passive Udhayanidhi Stalin in Magizh Thirumeni’s generic thriller

Tamil director Magizh Thirumeni’s ‘Kalaga Thalaivan’ has the spirit of ‘Thadam’ but the heart of a generic thriller

Udhayanidhi Stalin doesn’t want to be a “mass” hero. That’s a relief. To be fair, the actor himself doesn’t seem interested in thinking in that direction. Magizh Thirumeni respects this aspect (or limitation?) of Udhayanidhi to his advantage. The last half hour of Kalaga Thalaivan which could just be one of the “big” fights featuring a “big” star in any Magizh Thirumeni’s films, has Udhay flexing his muscles by not quite flexing it. Pay a little more attention on how the director must have thought it through with Udhay in his head and you would appreciate the smartness in thinking. The fight happens inside an abandoned factory, which once used to be a functioning chemical factory of a big corporate company that has something to do with the hero’s past. But we do see Udhay packing a punch. Not in a traditional way at least.

This particular stretch, which is straight up Magizh’s alley, is smartly-written. But the same thing cannot be said about the film as a whole. For the simple reason that the main problem of Kalaga Thalaivan, or rather Magizh Thirumeni, is that it takes the cool stuff from Hollywood thrillers and tries to marry them with CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Cinema and a lifeless romance. Magizh comes across as someone who thinks in Hollywood lingo — “I want to be paid in dollars,” says the villain. And the way this film plays out in chapters: The Premise, The Siege and The Massacre is a pulpy ode to Hollywood.

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