Gaalodu Movie Review : Gaalodu Review.. Sudhir Mass Angle

Sudigali Sudheer Gaalodu Movie Review Sudigali Sudheer Gaalodu movie hit the theaters today. With this film, Sudheer said that he has come to please the mass audience.

Sudigali Sudheer Gaalodu Movie Review: Everyone knows the craze of Sudigali Sudheer on the screen. He keeps trying to become a real mass hero on the silver screen. In this sequence, Galodu came in front of the audience with full mass masala commercial elements. And how is this movie? What kind of image did Sudhir get? How well will the audience receive it? Let’s see.

Rajinikanth alias Raju (Sudheer) is a village boy who wanders like a hooligan. One time he accidentally beat the sarpanch’s son in poker. He dies from that blow. Raju runs away to the city to escape from the case. There he meets Shukla (Gehna Sippy). Then it leads to love. What happened in the life of the king after that? What will the police do in the end when they come looking for the king? How will Raju get out of this case? What is the role of lawyer Vijay Bhaskar (Saptagiri) in this story? What will happen in the end of Shukla Rajini’s love story? is the story.

Sudheer took care of everything for the cast of the film. Fights, action, comedy and romance, Sudheer has impressed in everything. Sudheer is the back bone of this film. Sudhir’s fans feel like meals. He pleases his fans in every aspect like acting and comedy. And the heroine Gehna Sippy, who plays the role of Shukla, looks very beautiful. Her role seems to be limited to songs and scenes. Saptagiri made me laugh in his style. All the other characters are pleasing to the extent.

Mass commercial movies are always in demand. If the story is right, the mass audience will respond. Movies always have a mass audience. To appeal to such a mass audience, this Gallodu film came out. But the story feels old.. the narration also feels routine. But the twists and turns here and there are pleasing.

The actual story will be revealed in the second half itself. But the first half seems a bit boring. Sounds like routine love story scenes. In the second half, however, Gallodu is a bit more pleasing. Pre-climax and climax become strong for movies. But the action sequences seem to be overdone. The words exploded here and there. The songs sound good. Camera performance is impressive. Some scenes here and there seem to have to be cut.

Galodu feels like a one man show. Sudhir fans will be impressed. Galod has a chance to please the mass audience who want to enjoy the entertainment without caring about the story, narratives and logic. Technically, this film feels superior. The production values ​​are up to the standard of the movie.


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