TRS government pushing State into the dark, says BJP

Telangana government has been borrowing heavily to purchase power for round-the-clock energy supply, says Nizamabad MP Aravind

TS BJP has accused the TRS government of pushing the State into “darkness” due to the whimsical policies of taking huge loans of thousands of crores to purchase power at a huge cost of about ₹10 a unit and charging the consumers with high tariff which was the highest in the country at ₹9.5 a unit.

Nizamabad Member of Parliament D. Aravind, addressing a press conference along with MLA M. Raghunandan Rao at the State office here on Thursday, contested the government’s claim of giving free power round-the-clock stating that the high cost of purchasing power without adding much to the production capacity would only burden the people with higher taxes later on.


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