Mayweather vs Deji fight summary and result: Floyd gives Olatunji a free lesson

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In an evening that saw some great boxing before dippng into farce, the main event was much as expected. From the first to the last, Floyd Mayweather was in control of the bout.

Deji landed a few shots, which was about as much as could be expected or hoped for, and even managed to get Mayweather’s attention in the fifth round.

But as the sixth round came on, Floyd decided to put an end to it and stepped on the gas. Having toyed with Deji up to this point, he got the young man backed onto the ropes and landed 11 unanswered punches, including an uppercut that clearly rocked Deji.

Kenny Bayless decided that he had seen enough, and while it may have been early in pure boxing terms, considering the situation and personnel involved, it was the right move.

For a pro fight, this was early. For a Youtuber vs a pro boxer, this was the right move by Kenny Bayless.

While Deji came into the fight recognizing the levels at play and saying that his goal was to simply be able to land a shot, Floyd takes off his hat to his opponent. He certainly landed a few shots on Mayweather.

The Decision

While this was an exhibition, and the scoring doesn’t matter, Floyd won every round and was 50-45 up when the stoppage came. As it stands, Floyd gets the KO in the sixth round.

You don’t want to see any real damage done, and it was clear that Deji had emptied the tank.

The stoppage was a bit early, and if these were two boxers, it would have been allowed to go on a bit longer. But considering that Deji is not a professional boxer, that he has had only one fight and that this is an exhibition, I think that Bayless was right to stop it when he did.

Round 6

Floyd is no longer smiling. He comes out more determined. He is throwing well and Deji clenches. Bayless steps in to break the two and Floyd pushes the ref away!

Floyd is still Floyd and is not having much trouble, but Deji is giving him something to thing about.

Floyd opens up a flurry and has Deji on the ropes. Kenny Bayless steps in and stops the fight.

Round 5

Deji’s corner is trying to get their man to go forward, get on Floyd. Mayweather comes out looking like he is ready to throw some smoke.

They are still dancing, but both are settling in. Floyd is still able to do what he wants with Deji, even turning his back on his opponent from time to time. Deji understands that this is an exhibition and is inexperienced enough to not bite.

Both are feeling it, with Floyd’s eye swollen and Deji now doing pushups in the inter round.

Round 4

Floyd is giving Deji a little bit of advice, talking in his ear during the clench. Deji lands a right hand and Floyd turns it on a bit. He can do what he likes with the Youtuber.

Deji has opened up a little swelling on Floyd’s eye. Floyd throws a flurry and a couple are low.

Deji’s corner starts shouting at Floyd and Floyd shouts back! He is saying, “I’m Floyd Mayweather, I’ll do what I want!”

Round 3

In between the rounds, Floyd just did some mitt work. He is smiling, laughing, talking to Deji’s corner.

As the round begins, Deji lands a nice uppercut, doesn’t hurt Floyd but it gets a smile out of him. Floyd comes back with a few shots, and can do what he wants with Deji. Mayweather turns it on just to let him know that he can.

Deji comes back with a nice right and Floyd’s left eye has got a mark. Nice! But it is nothing more than a lucky shot on a guy who is not coming at you 100%

Floyd is still dominant.

Round 2

Floyd comes out hiking his shorts up, playing with the crowd, dancing. Deji is trying to stay focused and is having a tough time of it. Deji comes back with a jab and lands it nicely.

For the first time Floyd puts his hands up. Not fully respecting Deji, but at least not being as reckless as before.

Floyd dances in and just lays a six punch combo on him.

Deji needs to throw something at Floyd. He is not likely to land much but you might as well throw. Floyd easily wins that round too. 20-18 Floyd

Round 1

Floyd comes out with his hands by his sides. Deji is cagey but Floyd shows him no respect at all. Desi lands a few light touches, but Floyd, even with his hands down, is several levels above the Youtube fighter. Perhaps several dozen levels.

Deji is trying to feel his way into the fight, and can’t land anything at all. Floyd dances around and counters with a light jab. He wins that round easily. 10-9 Mayweather.

Early in his career, Floyd was a formidable puncher, but with broken hands sustained along the years, he leaned heavier on his defense toward the end of his career.

He is unlikely to punch his way through anyone these days, but his skill will still be formmidable.

This is a six round exhibition. Many will be upset that this is not a ten round or perhaps even 12, but with Deji’s lack of experience this makes sense.

Kenny Bayless will referee the fight.

Floyd has always been deliberate in his ringwalks, milking it. But he is making a statement with this one. Refusing to be rushed.

Floyd makes his way in to Souljaboy. Not the track. The real thing.

He is leading out Mayweather, rapping his way to the ring.


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