K’taka Congress leader says meaning of Hindu is shameful, gets an earful from party MP

Karnataka Congress leader Satish Jarkiholi said “a word and a religion from elsewhere is being forcefully imposed on people here”, adding there should a proper debate over the issue.

A senior Congress leader from Karnataka said the word ‘Hindu’ is Persian and has “a horrible” and shameful meaning. The latest round of controversy was stirred by Satish Jarkiholi, the working president of Karnataka Congress.

Stating that there should a proper debate over the issue, Jarkiholi said “a word and a religion from elsewhere is being forcefully imposed on people here”.

“They speak about Hindu Dharm…this that, where did the Hindu word come from? Is it ours? It is Persian. Persian is from Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan. What is Bharat’s relationship with it? Then, how did Hindu become yours? There should be a debate on this,” the Yamakanmardi MLA said.

According to a PTI report, Jarkiholi made the remarks while addressing a gathering, organised by ‘Manav Bandhutva Vedike’ on Sunday at Nipani in Belgaum district.

“Look at ‘Wikipedia’, WhatsApp, where this word (Hindu) comes from? It is not yours. Then why are you placing it at such a high position? If you understand its meaning, you will be ashamed. The meaning of the word Hindu, is very dirty. I’m not saying this, Swamiji has said this, it is there on websites,” the Congress leader added.

Soon after, the All India Congress Committee (AICC) termed it deeply unfortunate and rejected it “unequivocally”. AICC general Ssecretary in-charge of Karnataka, Randeep Singh Surjewala, said “the statement attributed to Satish Jarkiholi is deeply unfortunate and deserves to be rejected. We condemn it unequivocally.”

In a tweet, the Rajya Sabha MP said, “Hinduism is a way of life and a civilisational reality. Congress built our nation to respect every religion, belief and faith. This is the essence of India.”

BJP leader S Prakash said it is unfortunate that Congress leaders take pleasure in insulting Hindus. “They always attack the majority community. Jarkiholi is following the footsteps of Siddaramaiah. Earlier it was him, now it’s his followers. Party should take action against him,” Prakash was quoted as saying by news agency.

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