‘Sushmita Sen has never told us to work it out’: Charu Asopa

Charu Asopa has said that Sushmita Sen always advised her to priortise her happiness and never asked her to work it out with the Bollywood star’s brother Rajeev Sen.

Charu Asopa, who is in the middle of an ugly divorce, has said that her sister-in-law, Sushmita Sen has always asked her to priortise her happiness, and never to ‘work it out’. Charu and Sushmita’s brother Rajeev Sen have been married for three years and are now seeking divorce.

Actors Charu Asopa and Rajeev Sen have accused each other of cheating and she has also accused him of domestic violence.

Asked if Sushmita has asked her to work it out, Charu told Siddharth Kannan, “No she has never said that. She has never told us to work it out. She has always asked me to prioritise my own happiness, from day one. Parents have said that the marriage should work and we should try and resolve the differences. But never didi. She always said if you are not happy…do that which makes you happy.”

Talking about Sushmita’s involvement in the matter, Charu said, “I never bothered her much asking her to intervene but she is family, she got to know things. I do not even call or tell these things to my in-laws as they are aged people and have health issues to deal with. I have never bothered anyone saying ‘I am in difficulty, please help me’. Whenever I talked about it to didi (Sushmita), she has always told me ‘if you can stay happy together, stay together but if you will be happy separated then go separate ways’.”

She also said in the interview that she recently went to meet her mother-in-law who had just returned from Dubai. Rajeev’s mom wanted to meet the actor’s daughter Zianna and that is why she visited their house.

Three years after their marriage, Charu and Rajeev announced their separation earlier this year. Soon, they decided to give another chance to their relationship and were seen celebrating their daughter Ziana’s birthday together. Later, Rajeev reportedly blocked Charu on Instagram and she deleted all his pictures from her social media account.

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