Cadbury gets hit by boycott trend on social media, here’s why

With firms and brands becoming the targets of the boycott trends on social media, confectionary giant Cadbury on 30 October came under the radar as Twitterati claims that gelatine used in their products is ‘derived from beef’, that allegedly hurts Hindu sentiments.

Over hurting sentiments claim several movies celebrities, clothing brands, advertisements have found themselves being boycotted and the trend has been slowly growing and gaining ground.

Recently, screenshot of a webpage, reportedly of Cadbury, is being shared widely on social media. It mentions that the confectionary giant used gelatine in their products and claimed is halal certified and derived from beef”. Since then calls for boycott have been growing.

However, the screenshot is from an older version of the brand’s Australian website. Last year as well the same claim was made, following which the website was updated to reflect that it is from its “Australian” branch.

The firm had then clarified that all its products made in India were ‘100% vegetarian’ and that the ‘green dot on the wrapper’ certifies the same. Meanwhile, Cadbury is yet to react to the latest boycott trend.


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