Nothing Ear (Stick) vs Nothing Ear (1): What’s new and what’s different

Nothing has recently launched the ‘Nothing Ear Stick,’ its second wireless earbuds in India. The new earphones are essentially what the AirPods are to Apple, even as the Ear 1- Nothing’s first wireless earbuds – go up against the AirPods Pro. Nothing is undercutting Apple, in both cases, when it comes to pricing and yet, offering a stand-out design with some likebale specs and features that make the Ear 1 and Ear Stick worth value for money, at least on paper.

Interestingly, though, both Ear 1 and Ear Stick cost very nearly the same in India. This makes the Ear Stick, in particular, tad confusing to fathom considering that all things said and done, they are still a stripped-down version of the Ear 1. With exclusive features like active noise cancellation and wireless charging, the Ear 1 remains Nothing’s higher-tier product even after Ear Stick launch. So it is obvious to pit the two against each other to see how the Ear 1 and Ear Stick stack up, in a broader sense.

Speaking of the design, Nothing says the Ear Stick earphones have an ultra-comfortable, lightweight and ergonomic design, its marquee design trait being its unique cylindrical case. The Ear 1s have a squared-out case. The Ear Sticks are lighter than Ear 1s overall.

The Ear Stick earbuds come with custom audio technology.Moreover, the Ear Sticks boast of 12.6mm drivers, up from 11.6mm in the Ear 1. Users also get some new software tweaks, like Bass Lock and a new equaliser – to ensure minimum sound leaking for a seemingly more immersive audio experience.

Nothing has swapped touch controls in the Ear 1 with press controls in the Ear Stick so as to cut down on accidental triggers.

For voice calling, the Ear Stick earbuds come with three high-definition mics, same as the Ear 1, but Nothing says it is useful for updated algorithms to ‘filter out louder background noises, amplifying users’ voice for wind-proof and crowd-proof calls.” There is no active noise cancellation or ANC though, like the Ear 1.

In India, the Ear Stick would sell for ₹8,499 which is the same as the Ear 1 black variant. Notably, the white version of Ear 1 sells for ₹7,299.


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