Pak vs Zim: Why is everyone talking about Mr Bean after Pakistan’s T20 loss to Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwe put on an outstanding performance to defeat Pakistan by one run on Thursday in the T20 World Cup. Zimbabwe’s bowlers delivered an outstanding performance despite being limited to a meagre score of 130/8 to ensure a thrilling victory for the team in Perth. Shaheen Afridi could only manage a single on the final delivery, with Pakistan needing three to win, before being run out while attempting a second run.

While there are loads of praises for Zimbabwe for their incredible performance, some are calling it a “Mr Bean revenge”.

Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa, the president of Zimbabwe, congratulated the Zimbabwe cricket team after the team’s exciting triumph over Asian Giants Pakistan in the ongoing T20 World Cup. Mnangagwa tweeted, “”What a win for Zimbabwe! Congratulations to the Chevrons. Next time, send the real Mr Bean…#PakvsZim”.

Even before the match, Zimbabwe fans were slamming Pakistan and asking for “revenge” for a certain “fake” Mr Bean. “As Zimbabweans we wont forgive you…you once gave us that Fraud Pak Bean instead of Mr Bean Rowan ..we will settle the matter tommorow just pray the rains will save you (sic),” wrote one fan before the match.

In 2016, Mr Bean look-alike Asif Mohammad was called to Zimbabwe for shows. As per media reports, the comedy show by the Pakistani artist failed miserably. The show provided little value for money in and of itself and cost $10 each ticket. Although he was referred to as “Mr. Pak Bean”, he didn’t have a solo act; instead, he appeared alongside other local musicians and gave a very subpar performance.

Former Indian cricketer WAsim Jaffer was one of the first people to troll Pakistan after the defeat. He shared a pic of the Mr Bean look-alike while congratulating Zimbabwe. He refused to call it an “upset” as it would be disrespectful to Zimbabwe that had played extremely well and deserved “all the respect and praise”. He added “Pic unrelated” and a funny emoji in the same tweet.

Indian stand-up comedian Danish Sait tweeted, “When Zimbabwe ask for Mr. Bean, you give them Mr. Bean. This Pak Bean revenge has been taken.”

And, here comes Virender Sehwag’s reaction:



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