Family ‘divided’ in Congress polls, A.K. Antony draws flak from state unit

A.K. A veteran Congress leader, Thiruvananthapuram, October 2 (IANS) Since he and his son publicly supported different candidates in the party’s presidential election, Antony, who is regarded as a close confidant of the Gandhi family, has come under fire from party cadres in Kerala.

While Antony has publicly backed Mallikarjun Kharge, his son Anil Antony has openly backed Shashi Tharoor.

IANS was informed by a veteran Congress state unit official that Antony had backed Kharge “after the Gandhi family’s nomination of him for the position of President. However, the reason Anil Antony is backing Tharoor is a major mystery. There are two explanations for this: either Anil openly disobeyed his father or his support for Tharoor was motivated by his father’s unspoken agreement.”

Anil Antony has been in charge of the state unit social media cell and then the national social media cell during his time in politics.

Many Keralan Congress members believe that it was a subliminal choice to be on the right side, regardless of the outcome. Although the elder Antony is close to the Gandhis and has publicly declared his support for Kharge, he wants the younger Antony to back Tharoor.

IANS was informed by a Thiruvananthapuram-based Congressman that Antony “has authorised his son to back Tharoor because he wants to guarantee that whoever wins, he will have a say in the party. More than that, he wants to convey to the public the idea that he is a highly democratic individual who has no problems even if his son supports the opposition. Even if the son ultimately decides to resign from the Congress, he can use this as a lovely justification “.

Anil Antony was attempting to ensure that he won’t put any pressure on his son in making a political decision, he said, adding that this does not indicate Antony is changing sides.

Kharge has already received backing from practically all prominent Congress leaders, making his win all but likely

Political commentators believe that Anil Antony’s backing for Shashi Tharoor in this circumstance may have been a wise political choice.

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