Trevor Noah exits ‘Daily Show’ after seven years


When South African comedian Trevor Noah took over the Daily Show in 2015 to replace Jon Stewart, he was an enigma. He claimed that on the darkest days, he had to learn how to make horrible stories humorous. They expressed excitement for the upcoming chapter in their more than 25-year career.

Trevor Noah, a comedian from South Africa, was unknown when he joined the Daily Show in 2015 to take Jon Stewart’s position. After seven years on the show, he changed it and made Comedy Central’s flagship series of it. On Thursday, he informed the crowd of his departure.

One of his biggest thrills and difficulties, he noted, was hosting the programme. On the worst of days, he claimed, he had to learn how to make horrible stories humorous. We do not have confirmation of the departure date or a choice of a replacement. The network issued a statement expressing gratitude to Noah for his participation and the show’s success.

They claimed to be focusing on the following actions. In their over 25-year history, they claimed to be thrilled about the upcoming new chapter. The program’s keen and entertaining social commentary helps the listener comprehend the world. There are now very few regulars left on late-night television, including Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, and Stephen Colbert.

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