T20 World Cup 2022 Confirmed Official Schedule – Download PDF

Just a few weeks remain until the T20 World Cup 2022, which will start on October 16. There will be 16 teams all competing in the competition. There are two phases to the competition. Eight teams in total will compete in Round 1 before moving on to the Super 12 level.

Groups A and B are created from these eight teams. Group A includes Sri Lanka, the UAE, Namibia, and the Netherlands. Group B is home to the West Indies, Scotland, Ireland, and Zimbabwe. The Super 12 stage will then be reached by the top two teams from each group. Here is the official schedule for the T20 World Cup Round 1 in 2022.

Eight teams have already qualified for the Super 12 stage. Groups 1 and 2 have already been created for these 8. Group 1 consists of Australia, New Zealand, England, and Afghanistan. Group 2 consists of Bangladesh, South Africa, India, Pakistan, and Pakistan. The Super 12 groups will then be expanded by four more Round 1 team.

Each team will play the other 5 teams in their respective group once during the Super 12 stage. The semi-final will then be played between the top two teams from each group. The grand finale will take place in Melbourne on November 13.

Team India’s Schedule for T20 World Cup 2022:

Exciting India vs. Pakistan match will kick off the India Team’s T20 WC 2022 program on October 23 in Melbourne. On October 27 against the Round 1 runner-up, and on November 30 against South Africa, India will play next. India will play Bangladesh in the final two Super 12 games on November 2, and the group B winner will play India on November 6.

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