Hrithik Roshan tries to teach Saif Ali Khan Alcoholia steps, forgets them himself: ‘Real Vikram-Vedha behave like this…’

Hrithik Roshan has shared a video of him. Trying to teach Vikram Vedha’s co-star Saif Ali Khan the procedure for ‘Alcoholia’.

Actor Hrithik Roshan tried to teach Saif Ali Khan. The steps to the song “Alcoholia” in her upcoming film Vikram Vedha. Hrithik shared a video of him trying to perform the steps, joined by Saif. He finally gives in and says “Okay whatever”, which replies “Atleast you get a feel for it.”.

Hrithik Roshan posted the video with the caption to teach the dance to Saif Ali Khan, “The Real Vikram Vedha behave like this  Vedha forgotten the step, teaching Vikram all wrong.”

Fans enjoyed the video and commented on the post, calling Hrithik “humble” and appreciating his sense of humor. “Their bond is wonderful.”

Written by Manoj Muntasir and sung by Vishal Shekhar, Sunigdajit Bhoumik and Ananya Chakraborty, Alcoholism is a dance number.Ganesh Hegde choreographed the track. It’s in a bar where Hrithik dances to the song.

Hrithik returns to the big screen after three years. His early film ‘War’ was a box office grosser of over Rs 300 crore. In a recent interview with The Indian Express, Hrithik said he was not as charismatic as Kabir in War or Vedha in Vikram Vedha. emphasized. Confusion will arise. He said, “It’s okay if I’m not as good as Kabir or Vedha. I’m not that type They are handmade characters, not me. It’s my job It’s essential to distinguish and distinguish myself from who I am and who I’m projecting onto the screen. If I don’t separate the two, I will live in chaos. I live as a hungry soul all the time, I always try to get applause, all of that in real life. ”

Vikram Vedha follows Saif Vikram to track down the feared gangster Vedha (Hrithik). The movie will be released on September 30th.

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