England ‘Offers’ To Be Neutral Venue For India vs Pakistan Test Series, BCCI ‘Not Interested’

India and Pakistan last played a short bilateral white-ball series in India in 2012, with their last Test series dating back to 2007.

The England and Wales Cricket Commission has privately offered to host a bilateral Test series if India and Pakistan plan to play. The Association’s Vice-President, Martin Darlow, held talks with the Pakistan Cricket Board during the ongoing Twenty20 series, offering the England ground as an ideal venue for a future three-match Test series.” rice field. Although the proposal was made for its own commercial interest, the BCCI-affiliated force laughed it off, saying such an opportunity may not materialize for at least the next few years.

“First of all, the ECB has been discussing the Indo-Pak series with PCB, which is a bit strange. In any case, the decision to fight Pakistan was not made by the BCCI, but by the government, and that position remains unchanged. We will only play Pakistan in a multi-team event,” a senior BCCI official familiar with India’s position told the PTI on Tuesday.

India and Pakistan last played a short bilateral white ball series in India in 2012, with his last Test series dating back to 2007.

Given the strained political ties between neighbors, the BCCI is a staunch opponent, whether playing at home, away or in a neutral venue.

The paper gives the exact reasons for the ECB’s “generous offer”. “

The Olympics will draw a large crowd in Britain, which has a large South Asian population abroad.

“The tournament attracts huge sponsorship revenues and TV viewers.” But the newspaper said, “Even PCB is not interested in playing India at a neutral venue, but appreciates the ECB’s offer. , shows that the relationship between the two organizations is growing,” he said. I will retreat,” he said.

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