Top Telangana news developments today

Here are the key news developments from Telangana to look out for today: “

  1. Interact with students at the Indian Institute of Information Technology in Basar. Who have been engaged in recent protest. According to Industries Minister K.T. Rama Rao, Education Minister P. Sabita Indra Reddy, and Endowments Minister A. Indrakaran Reddy When the students went on a significant walkout in June, they demanded that either Mr. Rao or the Chief Minister visit the school to hear about their issues.
  2. Due to the India vs. Australia T20 cricket match, the Hyderabad (Capital of Telangana) Metro Rail experienced heavy foot traffic up till 1.30 a.m. on Monday. In order to get to the cricket stadium, the spectators chose the metro route while anticipating parking difficulties. Only the spectators were picked up and dropped off. The metro train on three corridors between the hours of 11 p.m. and 1 p.m.
  3. As there was no indication that the procedure would start during the Dussehra break for schools, which starts today, the story on government instructors giving up hope of their promotion or transfer in the near future. Although expected, the process was not carried out during the summer break. The last time the teachers were transferred was in 2018. The last time they were promoted was in 2017. Every two years was the standard practise while changing teachers.
  4. Story about the tension surrounding the distribution of social security benefits to new beneficiaries. The beneficiaries have had their cards as legitimate recipients of various pensions for more than a month, but they have not yet received the funds in their bank accounts.

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