Why does Dhoni(Ex cricket captain) never lose his composure when playing? Cricket captain Cool clarifies who he is.

Many people in the cricket community view MS Dhoni as the “perfect captain.” Dhoni has in the past given an explanation for how he manages to maintain his composure while playing.

One of the best cricket captains ever is largely regarded to be MS Dhoni. The man who epitomised the idea of a “perfect leader.” Dhoni, known as “Cricket Captains Cool,” set a standard for how young cricketers should conduct themselves off the field.

Former cricket players continue to use Dhoni as an example when describing the qualities of the perfect captain. But why is Dhoni so serene and collected? The former captain of India has provided an explanation of his strategy.

How many of you think your employers are calm, Dhoni asked the audience during a particular occasion. When he noticed a few hands rising, Dhoni joked, “Either they want to win favour with the bosses, or they are the bosses themselves.”

Speaking about his own leadership experiences on the cricket field. Dhoni explained how he attempts to put himself in his colleagues’ position to comprehend. What went wrong or what caused them to make a mistake.

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“Truthfully, we don’t want to make any mistakes when we are on the field, whether it’s misfielding, dropped catches, or any other mistake. I always attempt to put myself in their position while attempting to determine why a player missed a catch or mishandled the ball. Getting furious will not solve the problem. There are already 40,000 spectators in the stands and millions more people are following the game online (on TV, streaming platforms). I needed to determine the cause of the fielding errors,” Dhoni stated on Livfast.

“I don’t have a problem if a player is completely focused on the ground and still misses a catch. Of course, I also want to know how many catches he made during practise before that to determine whether he had a problem and was trying to fix it or not. Instead of concentrating on whether a catch was dropped, I used to concentrate on all these factors. The idea was always to attempt to put ourselves in their shoes, even if it meant that we lost a game as a result “He went on to say.

The 41-year-old emphasised that he experiences the same range of emotions as everyone else and is a fellow human being. However, he emphasised the significance of restraint given that millions of people watch what players do on the field.

“I’m a regular person. I would have the same inner feelings as you all did. You would feel guilty about playing a game of soccer among yourselves. We would feel worse because we stand in for our nation. But we consistently work to restrain our feelings.

“From a distance, it’s always simple to argue that we ought to have played a certain manner, but doing so is challenging. While the opposition players are also representing their nations, we are here to represent ours. They are there to participate in the game, and there will frequently be ups and downs “explained he.

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