Joelle Rich, the attorney representing him in a libel dispute in the UK, and Johnny Depp are dating each other.

Joelle Rich, the attorney for Johnny Depp’s UK libel case, is dating him. It’s reportedly “serious between them.”

A recent source has established that actor Johnny Depp is currently dating Joelle Rich, one of his attorneys from the UK libel lawsuit, months after rumours of a relationship with his lawyer Camille Vasquez first surfaced. After Camille defended him in the defamation case against Johnny’s ex-wife Amber Heard, there were earlier rumours that the two were dating. Camille, who was in a relationship with someone else, had refuted the rumours, nevertheless. (Read More: Johnny Depp’s attorney Camille Vasquez discusses Johnny Depp’s boyfriend’s response to their relationship rumours).

According to a source cited by Us, “Their chemistry is off the charts. They have a major disagreement. They are the genuine article. According to the report, the couple started their relationship by “discreetly” meeting each other in hotels.

Joelle was present in the Virginia courtroom earlier this year even though she wasn’t a member of the legal team that defended him in the Amber Heard case. She was not required to be there for work purposes. According to the source, it was personal. According to the reports, Joelle was already married when she met Johnny. She and her spouse, with whom she has two children, are getting a divorce.

One of the attorneys on Johnny’s team in 2020, Joelle defended him in his libel case in the UK. When The Sun published an article in 2018 calling Johnny a “wife-beater” during his marriage to Amber. Johnny filed a lawsuit against the publication. He did, however, lose the lawsuit.

Johnny won the defamation case against Amber earlier this year after the jury determined that she had slandered him in her 2018 Washington Post opinion article in which she made reference to having experienced domestic abuse. The jury did discover, however, that Johnny defended himself against Amber’s accusations by disparaging her through his lawyer. One of the lawyers in the case was Camille.

As a result of their relationship being the subject of rumours, Camille replied by announcing her connection with English-based business executive Edward Owen. “I assume it comes with the nature of being a woman just doing her job. She had previously told People magazine. It’s disheartening that certain media sources kind of took it up or claimed. My contacts with Johnny, who is a friend and someone I have known and worked with for the past four and a half years, were inappropriate or unprofessional in any way. It is disappointing to learn that.

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